Featured Photos - Photographer: Jamie Crannell

Friendship Park - Bike Parade & Ribbon Cutting

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Once again the rain and drizzle tried to put a damper on an event, and once again we didn't let it stop us! The parade, the dog walk, the scavenger hunt.. even the paper ribbon for the cutting.. all kept calm and carried on!

There was food, drink, laughter and enjoyment. Prizes were awarded for categories like "Longest Resident" and "Newest Resident" and for a scavenger hunt and a bicycle parade.. there were even treats for the dogs in the dog walk. It was a good time to be had by all.

We'd like to thank the Mayor and Town Council of East New Market for the time and effort they have put in to acquire the land and create this park for the local community. Both locals and visitors alike make use of the park every day.

Chicone Village Day at Handsell - April 2016

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The day was grayish and slightly chilly with a spot of warm sun here and there; quite an improvement over the previous week of rain and drizzle. We took the back way, turning off at Brookview and heading down Indian Town road. The boys enjoyed seeing the cows and pigs and other various critters while I enjoyed watching the breeze-blown wheat flowing in swirls across the fields. Local farms were in full swing and doing what they do in spring, and it was beautiful.

When Handsell has an event, you know I will be there. There is so much history embedded in our area, to see it come alive and to participate in the experimental archaeology is a truly wonderful experience. Experimental archaeology is putting theory and passed-down knowledge of the old ways to use. When you actually physically DO the things, you can learn so much more about how they were actually done than you might get from just reading about it.

My oldest son, 11, spent most of our time there enthralled by Daniel "Firehawk" Abbott and his presentation. The history and culture from thousands of years past up to colonial introduction seems to come alive in the way Daniel explains things and lets you use hand made examples of working period tools and housing all made with the techniques and materials that would have been used in their time.

My youngest, 7, was all over the place, as most 7 year olds would be. Playing the various games and talking to the people, and then he found something that really seemed to engage him. Mr. Norris Howard Jr. of the Pocomoke Indian Nation was using water and sand to shape soapstone into decorative pieces, the resulting byproduct being, basically, mud! Well this was just too good to be true for a 7yo boy. Not only did he get to help shape stone into something beautiful, but was encouraged to make mud in the process!

As usual, I took a few shots to remember the experience better, to enlighten the community and to pass on to my children a little more documentation of how they grew up. I hope everyone enjoys them.

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Ingress Obsidian Win - MD DE ENL Recharge Room

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For the final anomaly of the Ingress Obsidian series, the nearest primary site was Orlando Florida. Over 1300km away, most of us locals could not make it down. Since we still wanted to help our team (Go Enlightened!), agent Zombpika decided to hold a "Recharge Room". Various Ingress agents traveling along the east coast delivered portal keys from the anomaly site portals to our, and several others', recharge rooms. This allowed us to recharge those portals remotely, helping our team to keep the ones we needed to keep.

I started off the day with an hour and a half bike ride, most of which was in the rain, to get to our designated meeting place. Thank you agent Kshthymyla for generously allowing us to use your home as our base. As our team arrived and got our devices plugged in and ready for a long day's battle, agents Zombpika and Torrejon84 divvied out keys to everyone. Agent Synspheonix set his laptop up for intel and bluetooth speaker to broadcast our Zello channel to the room. And then... it began.

As critical portals were called out, those with a key to them would begin frantically recharging. Everyone else would recharge any portals they had keys to in the field, keeping them green so the critical portals didn't stand out and attract extra attention. Over the course of the day, shard after shard after shard came flying in to our target portals.

We enjoyed the day sharing company with good people, feasting on delicious yummies, and laughing heartily time and time again. When all was said and done, Enlightened had won the event 50 to 2 over the Resistance. We all cheered and shouted, took a group picture, and headed out to upgrade and hack some local portals.


2015 ENM Indian Artifact Exhibit

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The show this year was a huge success! Many eager patrons stopped in to see, hear, touch and experience the culture and artifacts of an older time. Many even brought their own stuff in to show off or ask questions about.

From kid's crafts to 20,000 year old stone tools.. Brass keys to woven grass.. local authors.. fresh oysters.. flint knapping.. conversations with many happy, smiling people over thousands of years of history.

Thank you all for coming, and I hope we'll see you again next year :)

P.S. Video might take a while, lots of editing to do and not much time to do it lol.

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Designing & Implementing a Web Platform

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A poorly planned implementation generally results in an incredibly patch-worked system. Many times when someone decides to jump the gun and get things started before the full realization of a realistic plan, it falls under 1 of 2 categories.

1) Experimentation - The client is not fully sure yet of what the end goal will be, so they add this and remove that and try the other until they work out the system as they want it to be. After a full realization of the intended system and it's workings, the system is rebuilt from the ground up.

2) Plan B - Changes have occurred that were unforeseen and not prepared for in the planning of the original system. This results in very much the same thing as above. Things added and changed and removed and rearranged until you end up with a big mess, even though it may seem on the surface to be working as intended.

I would like to present you with a graphic analogy using network wiring images.

The original idea:

What you thought you needed

Hey let's add this and that..

What you added later

Now lets remove this.. and change that over there and..

What you ended up with

As you can see, you will quickly find that scaling becomes an issue when your system has become too patched together.

The best policy in this case is to write a new plan, integrating exactly, and only, what your end product has evolved to become. Take this new plan and build a new system from the ground up, with everything accounted for, and you are once again in a good place.

Two point 0

Lets ADA some Ingress portals!

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Several local Enlightened agents were looking to farm some level 8 goodies, however, there were not enough L8+ players nearby to make this happen and the aforementioned players were not really able to travel very far at the moment. So..

We used the old ADA/Jarvis flip flop technique to whip up a couple sets of ripe-for-the-picking L8 farming portals. With a few heat-sinks and multi-hacks as the cherries on top, we netted a few hundred yummy good stuffs each. We sometimes do this when we want to top off our high end supplies. Right profitable really.

For this particular run, I was the ADA guy. Enjoy the ride :)


Haybails, green grass and blue skies

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I was taking a bike ride to Denton, to do a little Ingressing, and had to stop a few times along the way just to take in the beauty of it all! I really do love this life on the shore.

Note: This shot was taken with a camera phone.

Hoopers Island ride

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It was a magnificent Sunday morning and I was itching to get out and ride. A long & leisurely scenic ride was in the air and nothing else would do! Today, I chose Hooper's Island.

Hooper's Island photos by Jamie Crannell - LifeOnTheShore.com
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Hooper's Island is about an hour long drive from my home and has very smooth, gently curvaceous roads all the way to the end. The scenery changes from mile to mile, bringing you the beauty of full lush forests to Cattail covered marshlands.. trees in late decay from an ever rising sea level, creeks and mudbanks crawling with various critters, most with shells, some without, like birds, fish, beavers, raccoon, a fox or two and several dozen deer.

The further you get out from the mainland, the more signs make themselves prevalent that this is a waterman's world. Over here a few dozen crab pots stacked up, all baited and ready for work. Over there an energetic fellow working on his trolling rig, next to him a pair of seasoned veterans on boat maintenance duty. An egret making his way through the salt water grasses, picking up a critter or three for his breakfast before a flash of white feathers, blindingly bright in the morning sun, announces his spritely take off into the warm and salty sea breeze.

I've not long been home and already I want to go back.

2014 Annual Native American Artifact Exhibit w/ Everything Oyster

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This past Saturday, March 8, at the new East New Market fire house there were over 60 tables full of beautiful Native American artifacts to see, touch & learn about. Over the course of the day, several hundred visitors dropped by, eating oyster fritters and enjoying educational programs all day long.

See Pics Here --> Jamie Crannell's photos of this event <--

Life On The Shore

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48 Forks will be hosting Life On The Shore

We are excited to be moving to a Drupal site. Things should really shape up here soon!


LifeOnTheShore is a web community based on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Delaware & Virginia; otherwise known as DelMarVa. This project is currently upgrading and enhancing our technologies.

Here in our web site you will eventually find things like

  • Local parks & playgrounds with photos & reviews
  • Local events
  • Interesting local people
  • Unique local businesses
  • Technology, photography
  • Blogs (online magazines)
  • . . . and much more!

We are currently seeking writers, journalists, poets, ranters, preachers, soap-box politicians and anyone else who has a story to tell or an opinion to share. Write an article, a message on the forum, a comment on a post, get conversations started!

Why the 48forks.com domain? I needed a to name domain on the fly and the first text I set my eyes on, was on the side of a box on the shelf in front of me.. 48 Forks. Brilliant! So, here we are.

Crannell Web Services

Fluidly Evolving Internet Technologies - Crannell Web Services

We'd like to thank our parent site, CrannellWeb.com, for providing the technology needed to get 48 Forks up and running. Currently this entire project is running on donated time and effort to provide customized software solutions for our online community.

If you are ready to take the next step in establishing your online presence, and want to have it done right, get in touch with these guys!