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A+LIFE Family Pentagon Portal

A+LIFE - More Than Money

Aspida Advisory came to us seeking a way to provide financial advisors, and the families they advised, an easy and fun way to keep communications and progress flowing in the right directions. We developed a Drupal based platform for Aspida which guides client families through the A+LIFE process and assists the financial advisors in keeping up to date with information as it is submitted by the clients. No more waiting days or weeks for copies of documents to all be faxed and mailed to all parties involved, for any or every meeting. This platform came to be known as "The More-Than-Money Vault" or MTMVault for short. Now Families can share pertinent information with their banker, lawyer, accountant or other professional in nearly real time with whatever time or location based access restrictions each instance requires.

Features include 256bit AES encrypted data storage, dozens of documents available to download or fill out online, tracking and assessment of documents and form submitted data, private family message boards, email and text reminders to continue when you have forgotten, multiple levels of membership for both clients and advisors, internal private messaging, journaling system and more.

To see a bit of what this system comfortably manages, check out their video.

MTM Vault, Aspida360


Salisbury Speech Therapy

Salisbury Speech Therapy - Learning the language of life

When Sommer Asay decided to open her Salisbury office, she knew up front that a comfortable web presence would be key to a successful startup strategy. Upon seeing some of our previous work, Sommer felt that we were the right choice to develop and host her web site. We, of course, were glad to welcome her into our family.

Salisbury Speech Therapy provides the highest quality speech and language services to clients and their families in an environment of compassion and respect that supports goals and desires for communicative competence, providing speech therapy to birth-3, preschool and school aged children as well as adults with cognitive disabilities related to stroke, traumatic brain injury, and progressive disease such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. They believe that individuals are unique and require a specialized therapy plan. Their goal is to empower clients to effectively and efficiently communicate; to reveal all clients’ potential for speech and language success!


Caroline County Public Schools

Caroline County Public Schools

Caroline County Public Schools had recently contracted to have a web platform built specifically for them. As it turned out, the contractor went out of business 6 months later and the CCPS was left hanging with nothing to show for their time and money invested. They had to come up with a solution that was both within their remaining budget and could be up and running within a reasonable amount of time.

In a coordinated effort, PowerUp Computing and Crannell Web Services were able to meet both of these needs. Before long, we handed CCPS the keys to a brand new Drupal based web platform which had been custom built to meet their requirements. The hosting and the addition of content are both taken care of in-house. Crannell Web Services continues to offer and extended service plan for tech support and future expansion of the platform.


Peninsula Pawn

Peninsula Pawn - Buying your gold, silver, guns, electronics, instruments, jewelry, tools and more

Peninsula Pawn knew that having a nice website was an integral part of any established business these days and wanted to present themselves to the online world in a positive and professional manner, so they came to us.

Some features of this web site that are worth mentioning are an integrated photo gallery, live updates of their Twitter stream, and the ability to sell individual items from the web site via PayPal shopping cart (which accepts credit & debit cards as well as e-checks).

Because this web site also had to represent 2 store locations without making a separate web site for each; the red brick background is from a photo of the actual bricks the Cambridge store is made of, and the front door photo is of the Seaford location in a shopping center. This way, no matter which store you are familiar with in the real world, you immediately feel comfortable that you are at the right web site when you visit online.


Pro Temps Staffing Solutions

Pro Temps Staffing Solutions - Temporary Staffing Agency and Direct Hire Employment Placement Firm

When Pro Temps was ready to improve the quality of web hosting and customer service they were receiving, they came to us. During consultation, the decision was made that an upgrade to a more current standard was in their best interest.

We converted all of their old static html pages into a dynamic web publishing platform, allowing them to offer visitors real-time updates interactive communication. Integration of the latest tweets from their twitter feed and Google Maps’ Navigation allows wonderful interaction, feedback and social sharing. Using Google’s translation services allows applicants from anywhere in the world to fill in a Job Application with a perfect understanding of what information is required.

This web site is also designed with special features for mobile users. For instance, the site will change its size, style and layout according to the screen size of the viewer, displaying quite nicely on any smartphone or tablet. There are also integrated features allowing mobile users to instantly put in a call to Pro Temps’ office, or launch Navigation from their location to Pro Temps’ office, all with just a click or two.


What An Impression!

What An Impression! - On location event photography - Personalized photo gifts

Doug Phillips came to us in order to upgrade his online sales system. His needs were met with a highly graphic visual web site and an online store suited specifically to his industry. We then custom coded a specially developed system which provides users the ability to upload their own photographs for use within the online store.

Doug is a professional photographer in the Talbot County area who sells his photographs as traditional prints as well as printed on bags, shirts and mugs, etc. The web site provides visitors the ability to select images from car shows, equestrian events, sporting and other events where Doug has taken photographs, or photos that visitors have uploaded themselves, and order prints or printed merchandise.


Ohmic Instruments Company

We were approached by OHMIC Instruments Company in 2000 to create their online presence and have enjoyed working with them ever since.

Originally based in Easton, Maryland, Ohmic developed a wide range of resistive, capacitive and thermal conductivity humidity sensors and transmitters. Using these sensors, OHMIC manufactures a wide variety of monitors, signal conditioning, and controllers for relative humidity, absolute humidity and dewpoint.

These products are used in laboratories, hospitals and other technical facilities in many countries around the world. Ohmic products have even been used by NASA during manned space flight! It is no wonder that global sales are an important part of Ohmic’s web strategy.

Originally we developed a plain text web site for dial-up internet users. Soon after, a Shockwave Flash version was developed for those users who had a better connection. Eventually we dropped Flash, because of the required plugin, and migrated to php based solutions. Over the years we have improved, scrapped, rebuilt and upgraded a time or two and we will continue to do so as long as the internet continues to evolve.


Fishsticks Charters

Fishsticks Charters - Martha's Vineyard fly fishing, sea fishing, shoreline fishing, surf fishing

Captain Kurt Freund came to us in 2004 with a rack card designed by Laser Letters in Easton, MD.

He wanted a simple but effective web site to be designed around the rack card for Brand consistency. That original site was used for 7 years, undergoing various adaptions and updates along the way.
( See it here )

In late 2011 we converted the aging HTML web site into a database driven content management system and handed the keys to Captain Kurt & company. We continue to provide web hosting, email, and technical support, while the site content is now updated by Fishsticks’ in-house staff.


Smith Island Adventures

Smith Island Adventures - Native American and Colonial Artifacts, Sea Glass, Photo Walks

When Timmy Marshall decided to show the world a bit more of his private island paradise, we took up the challenge; a web site that was simple and professional that could showcase what one might gain from experiencing his adventurous outings.

What we ended up with was a light and open feel, with just enough content to wet the visitors’ appetite. A few nice photos & a video are easy for casual visitors to digest and yet still leave them wanting more. We may end up incorporating a full photo album but likely a couple of carefully selected slideshows would be the icing on the cake.