Ohmic Instruments Company

We were approached by OHMIC Instruments Company in 2000 to create their online presence and have enjoyed working with them ever since.

Originally based in Easton, Maryland, Ohmic developed a wide range of resistive, capacitive and thermal conductivity humidity sensors and transmitters. Using these sensors, OHMIC manufactures a wide variety of monitors, signal conditioning, and controllers for relative humidity, absolute humidity and dewpoint.

These products are used in laboratories, hospitals and other technical facilities in many countries around the world. Ohmic products have even been used by NASA during manned space flight! It is no wonder that global sales are an important part of Ohmic’s web strategy.

Originally we developed a plain text web site for dial-up internet users. Soon after, a Shockwave Flash version was developed for those users who had a better connection. Eventually we dropped Flash, because of the required plugin, and migrated to php based solutions. Over the years we have improved, scrapped, rebuilt and upgraded a time or two and we will continue to do so as long as the internet continues to evolve.