Pro Temps Staffing Solutions

Pro Temps Staffing Solutions - Temporary Staffing Agency and Direct Hire Employment Placement Firm

When Pro Temps was ready to improve the quality of web hosting and customer service they were receiving, they came to us. During consultation, the decision was made that an upgrade to a more current standard was in their best interest.

We converted all of their old static html pages into a dynamic web publishing platform, allowing them to offer visitors real-time updates interactive communication. Integration of the latest tweets from their twitter feed and Google Maps’ Navigation allows wonderful interaction, feedback and social sharing. Using Google’s translation services allows applicants from anywhere in the world to fill in a Job Application with a perfect understanding of what information is required.

This web site is also designed with special features for mobile users. For instance, the site will change its size, style and layout according to the screen size of the viewer, displaying quite nicely on any smartphone or tablet. There are also integrated features allowing mobile users to instantly put in a call to Pro Temps’ office, or launch Navigation from their location to Pro Temps’ office, all with just a click or two.