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Haybails, green grass and blue skies

I was taking a bike ride to Denton, to do a little...

2014 Annual Native American Artifact Exhibit w/ Everything Oyster

This past Saturday, March 8, at the new...


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2017 Annual Artifact Show

Click to see the photos!

This year's show had a wonderful turn out. Thank you to everyone who was involved in making things happen, and to everyone who came out to enjoy it! There were about 2 dozen collections displayed across over 60 tables! It was a magnificent sight to behold. One could touch a tool that was crated some 18,000 years ago, could learn the ages and types of artifacts along the timeline all the way up to colonial contact and beyond. One could even see things being made this very day!

Hundreds of the people stopped in today. Many of them brought their own finds to seek explanation of what, or how old, they might be. A Special Thanks to Terry Crannell for being the go-to guy for most of these inquiries!

The photographs in the above gallery are not intended as documentation, but instead are meant to convey the journey of an interested visitor enjoying the experience. Some of these photos were taken at very odd angles to reduce glare & reflections

If you would like a full size, or Photoshop enhanced, copy of any photo in this album, or if you would like to schedule a private photo shoot, contact

Hurlock Fall Fest 2017

It was unseasonably warm, 85 degrees, sunny, breezy.. a beautiful day for the October celebration. One could fill their belly with any number of locally grown & raised beef, chicken, corn, or even french fries! The little ones had their faces painted and went on pony rides. There were train rides all day long for enthusiasts of all ages. Giggles could be heard from the nearby pumpkin bowling alley.

Click here to see a few shots.. enjoy the scenery of it all.